Water Service and Practices

Please call the office to start, close, report outages, or ask questions about your account, 626-797-1138 or contact our General Manager, William Kimberling, at email: .

We are in orange alert status, dictated by the State of California/ Metropolitan Water District. Signs are posted at our Office, Lake Avenue Reservoir and Poppyfields Reservoir. Thank you for your efforts to conserve water during this extordinary drought. Two days per week max for outside watering.

yellow alert

The following water use practices set forth by the State of California in 2016 are still recommended in 2022 for Las Flores customers:

We are pleased to report that Company shareholders have positively responded to our request to maintain water conservation efforts. For more information on sustainable landscapes, local plant nurseries, and gardening tops at conservation, please visit

Payment Options

Payments can be:

Water Rate Table

Tier Range Rate per Units Consumed
1 1 to 10 HCF $4.03
2 10.1 to 20 HCF $4.43
3 20.1 to 39 HCF $5.09
4 39.1 HCF and greater $6.37
Foothill MWD Charge Per HCF $0.64
Energy Surcharge Per HCF $0.17
Monthly Service Charge Per Connection $31.84

Under the tiered approach, the first 10 HCF of monthly usage will be charged at the Tier 1 rate. One hundred cubic feet (HCF) is equivalent to 750 gallons. The second 10 HCF of monthly usage will be charged at the Tier 2 rate, and so forth.

Imported water costs continue to rise. In 2021, both Foothill Municipal Water District and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California increased their rates; and they are increasing rates again in 2022. While Las Flores was able to absorb the increased costs in 2021 with no rate increase, it is necessary to implement a modest five percent rate increase for 2022.

The new rates go into effect January 1, 2022 and will be reflected on the bill you receive in February for your January usage.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call our General Manager, William Kimberling, at 626-797-1138.

Capital Improvement Program

The Company continues to focus efforts on upgrading the aging infrastructure. Although no major projects were undertaken in 2022, we improved security at our reservoir site on north Lake and quickly responded to all pipeline breaks. It is anticipated that a major rehabilitation project on our 97-year old well located on Mountain View will take place in 2023. Over the last 20 years, the Company has invested more than $3 million in new pipelines and facilities. It is our goal to continue with this program, while being capable of promptly responding to any unplanned incidents that may occur.

For more information regarding news about your water company, please see the updates in January 2023 Update Letter.